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The ever-changing world of digital media: why we must disrupt and innovate

The digital media landscape is evolving faster than ever. We’re all discovering new ways to connect and communicate with each other online, which presents business leaders with both challenges and opportunities to get noticed. As digital media management becomes an increasingly important part of business strategy, there is a growing demand for candidates who are both creators and marketers. 

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As digital media management becomes an increasingly important there is a growing demand for candidates who are both creators and marketers.

Marco Scalvini, Programme Director of our online PG Cert in Digital Media Management, explains how digital media professionals and entrepreneurs can combine their business management and creative skills to stay ahead of the competition, now and in the future.  

It’s not enough to know best marketing strategy, professionals also need to be creative and be able to communicate their ideas effectively.  

If you’re looking to drive your career in digital media forward, it’s likely that you’re passionate about building highly effective marketing strategies for your business. Or perhaps you’re a creative professional with a flair for attention-grabbing content. Either way, developing your expertise in both areas is key to achieving the skillset that employers are looking for. 

“Unlike a marketing degree, our new online PG Cert in Digital Media Management not only focuses on digital media, it also brings together the humanities with marketing,” explains Marco. “You can learn all the skills you need to succeed in a wide range of digital media roles such as digital content manager, social media manager, brand manager, web content strategist and digital advertising manager, or to take your next steps as a digital media entrepreneur.” 

One of the most important considerations that has helped to shape the two programme modules – Managing a Digital Project and Social Media and Online Branding – is what today’s employers value most in digital media teams. “The top recruiters at some of the largest tech giants tell us they’re looking for entrepreneurial skills, so that’s an important part of the programme,” says Marco. 

Whether you’re starting up your own business or you’re working for an established brand, having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you to be autonomous and create your own projects. 

One of the biggest challenges with offering a programme based on such a fast-paced subject is staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and technologies. This is where the programme’s advisory board comes in. “We work closely with industry professionals who review the programme content to ensure that students are always learning skills that are valuable to their careers. “This also presents a great opportunity for you to get inspiration from digital media experts.” 

Some of these industry professionals are also guest speakers on the programme. They include business leaders from global household names such as Unilever, Dolce & Gabbana, Vanmoof and Accenture. 

Having a range of different perspectives and transcultural insights helps to create a dynamic online learning environment, not just for students but for the professionals too. Marco describes this as “a kind of laboratory, where high profile speakers and students can exchange knowledge, be challenged and collaborate on ideas.” 

You will learn through lectures and case studies from different markets, but you will also expand your business and creative networks through sharing ideas with our guest speakers. Equally, our speakers want to know what students think about the future, so it’s very inspiring for everyone. 

While some courses take a traditional academic approach to learning, our PG Cert Digital Media Management programme has much more of a practical focus with real-world value. Marco says, “We give you skills and techniques that are useful for organisations as well as start-ups. Rather than writing an essay, we ask you to develop your own business plan which will help you take your next career step.” 
Our PG Cert in Digital Media Management is a flexible online programme so you can fit your studies around other work or family commitments. You’ll get support from your tutor and from our advisory board, including advice on developing your project and how to communicate your ideas effectively.  

To broaden your skillset and your horizons, join our online PG Cert Digital Media Management from the University of London.