Global Employability

The University of London understands the importance of enhancing employability. To ensure our students and graduates are standout contenders in today’s competitive job market, we offer global work-based learning opportunities within prestigious organisations and expert careers support to our students around the world.

Award-nominated employability 

Our efforts in enhancing the employability of our students earned us a National Undergraduate Employability Award nomination, where the University of London was one of five finalists in the ‘Most Improved Commitment to Employability’ category for two consecutive years. 

We are proud of our achievements to date and are continually striving to offer the best opportunities and resources to ensure our students graduate with excellent career prospects. 

University of London was one of five finalists in the ‘Most Improved Commitment to Employability’ category.

Work-based learning opportunities

Employment experience is more important than ever in the current job market, with many employers seeking both exceptional academic achievements and first-hand knowledge of the working environment from candidates. 

In response to this demand, the University of London has developed unique relationships with renowned employers to provide our students with invaluable opportunities to participate in work-based learning through our Business Placement scheme and industry skills initiatives such as the Bombay Stock Exchange Bootcamp. 

Expert careers advice and employability resources

The University of London works collaboratively with The Careers Group to provide bespoke careers resources, advice and support for our global student community. Our outstanding insight and understanding of what employers are looking for in potential employees is reflected in our approach, which incorporates a blend of practical skills and self-reflective exercises, empowering students to realise their career goals.   

We offer a range of online resources, including video tutorials in how to write an excellent CV and perform well in interviews, and live webinars encouraging you to recognise and reflect on your capabilities. 

Motivated by our continued commitment to enhance the employability of our students, we are pleased to be supplementing our rich range of content with a Career Planning Micro-Module, available to all our current students. The Micro-Module aims to improve career thinking, global market awareness and job-hunting skills, equipping students with the know-how they need to succeed when they complete their studies and enter the job-market. Completion of the Career Planning Micro-Module is awarded with a Career Future Certificate of Completion recorded on their final transcript.