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Webinar: An Introduction to the Climate Crisis, with Reduce the Juice Connect

Join us to discuss why we are facing a climate crisis, the impacts we're already seeing, and what we can do to ensure a sustainable future.

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Online webinar: Thursday 8th October 2020, 4-5pm

About this Event

This webinar is open to students and staff at the University of London Worldwide, the London School of Economics, Goodenough College, the University of Surrey, and residents at the University of London's Intercollegiate Halls. 

The world is facing a climate crisis. Rising global temperatures, increasing natural disasters, resource scarcity and biodiversity loss are threatening our survival on this planet. How did we get here, and what can we do to safeguard our collective future? 

In the first webinar of our monthly sustainability series, join Reduce the Juice: Connect from the University of London, as we explore these questions. We’ll discuss the impacts we’re already seeing around the world, and how climate change reinforces structural inequality to disproportionately effect the communities that contribute to it the least. We’ll look at what needs to change to limit the impacts of the climate crisis, including transitioning to Net Zero global emissions, changing the way we use natural resources, tackling global poverty and inequality, and prioritising climate justice for the worst-hit communities. 

As the world faces unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, communities and individuals have a vital role to play in advocating for a sustainable future. Join the conversation about how we can incorporate sustainability and climate action into our daily lives, and find out how you can receive the University of London’s Sustainability Advocate Award by taking part in our monthly challenges.