Student Voice Group

Student voice champions contribute to University governance over the internet.

Student committee meeting
For the first time in 2018-19, we invited students from anywhere in the world to join the Student Voice Group.

If you are a current student, you can apply to join the Student Voice Group (SVG) as a student voice champion. 

The SVG comments and provides a student perspective on projects and ideas the University is developing. 

While not a representative body of students, it possesses an important advisory function to the University.

In the last two years, the SVG has given the University valuable input on a number of important matters including:

  • Upgrades to the University of London Student Portal (
  • Ways to develop employability support and advice for students.
  • Early version of an academic writing quiz aimed to support students develop their academic referencing skills. Question bank for the 2017-18 edition of the Student Experience Survey.
  • Structure, content and promotion of videos to close the feedback loop on the 2015-16 edition of the Student Experience Survey.
  • Information contained within the Rules for Examination, the Admission Notice used for entry into an exam hall, and the online registration task for assessment.
  • The experience of using the University’s online enquiry system.
  • Diversity in the curriculum and whether students feel their identities are represented in their study materials.
  • The content of a quiz designed to educate students on plagiarism.

More information about the SVG can be found on the Student Portal.