Recognition and accreditation of prior learning for undergraduate degrees in EMFSS

For undergraduate degrees in Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences (EMFSS).

Recognition of prior learning is only available for both standard entry route and graduate entry route degrees.

Standard entry route:
Accreditation for up to four 100 (first-year level) courses (120 credits) may be approved. You will not need to study those courses to complete the degree.

Graduate entry route:
Accreditation for up to one full 100 course (30 credits) may be approved. You will not need to study that course to complete the degree. This can include half courses (15 credits each).

How it works / How to apply.


In the first instance, you must be eligible for the BSc degree of your choice.

You must have also passed degree/professional level examinations in subjects that compare in level, content and standard to the course(s) for which you are seeking recognition and accreditation of your prior learning.

(It is not awarded on the basis of school-leaving examinations).

Automatic recognition and accreditation of prior learning

There are certain qualifications where we accredit prior learning automatically. These are reviewed each year. If you are able to satisfy the conditions, make a formal application, and supply the necessary evidence, we will accredit your prior learning as detailed in the following document.There is no charge for this service.

Qualifications for Automatic APL [PDF]

You must have passed the relevant listed qualification(s) in full within the five years preceding your application for accreditation.

Note: We reserve the right not to accredit prior learning if the qualification of a professional body or institution changes following the publication of this list.

Discretionary recognition and accreditation of prior learning

This is considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you hold other qualifications that, in your view, reflect similar learning outcomes to any course of your programme, you can apply for this to be recognised and accredited as prior learning.

In each case, we assess how your qualification compares with the courses which you believe your prior learning covered. You pay a non-refundable application fee for this service.

Note: Discretionary applications will be considered by specialist academics once we have approved your eligibility for the course and you have supplied the following:

  • a completed request form,
  • an official transcript,
  • a detailed syllabus,
  • the non-refundable application fee (may vary per course).

Please note all discretionary requests must be submitted by 01 October in the year that you apply. Once submitted, we must receive all required evidence to support your application by 15 October in the year that you apply.