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Our global reputation

Wherever you are in the world, you can gain a valued qualification from the University of London by studying through distance learning.



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You can fit your studies around your lifestyle

Choose how to pace your studies - you can study independently by distance learning or attend face-to-face classes at a local teaching centre.

Worldwide access

The programmes you study and all the materials provided are created and assessed by the University of London's member institutions, which have international reputations for their teaching and research.

When you study with us, you will join over 50,000 students in every corner of the globe studying more than 100 different programmes.

When you graduate, your prestigious University of London award will be valued globally and help you to pursue sought-after careers.

The University of London is proud of its history of global engagement since its founding in 1836. The first UK university to open its doors to all regardless of gender or creed, we were also the first to enable students to take our degrees anywhere in the world.

During the 20th century the University was responsible for the development of higher education systems not only in the UK, but also in Commonwealth countries, where our former university colleges flourish today as significant players in their national, regional and international higher education contexts.

The University of London’s purpose has always been to pioneer unique forms of education and research that transform lives and society. Today, with students in 190 countries, we are a leading force in transnational higher education.

We educate students from all backgrounds - without regard to race or colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.  The University is committed to sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise with academics, professionals, their institutions, their organisations and their communities as part of our societal engagement wherever this is relevant to local needs.


Fit your studies around your lifestyle, choose how to pace your studies and study independently by distance learning. You can also attend face-to-face classes at a local teaching centre.

Our former students have won Nobel prizes, governed countries, and written great works of literature. They also work in the legal profession, in finance and banking, and as business leaders and managers.


The programmes you study and all the materials provided are created and assessed by the University of London's member institutions, which have an international reputation for their teaching and research. The high standing of our qualifications is valued and recognised by universities, employers and specific professional and statutory bodies.

Read our Quality Assurance Schedules describing the relationship between member institutions and us and  about how formal decisions are made about our programmes.