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The integrity of our qualifications

Given the investment you make in studying for your degree, you will want to be confident about the quality and standard of the qualification you will gain.​

Here are five reasons you can rely on a University of London degree studied through the University of London:

  • Our standards are consistent and the University of London award is internationally recognised.
  • All our programmes are developed by a member institution of the University of London, or a consortium with representation by more than one institution.
  • The standards and quality of assessment and study materials are annually reviewed by the University of London as well as the member institution(s) of the University of London.
  • There are independent External Examiners for every programme. Their role is to ensure students have been assessed to the appropriate standard and that the UK’s overall national academic standards have been met.
  • The University of London is regularly audited by an independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education. Following the most recent institutional audit of the University of London in May 2011, the highest judgement of ‘confidence’ was recorded.