25 March 2019 - Statement on the outcome of High Court Hearing IWGB versus CAC

The judgment was delivered today of the High Court hearing of a judicial review.  This related to a decision made by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) in respect of an application to the CAC by the Independent  Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) trade union for collective bargaining. The University was an “interested party” in that hearing. 

The judgment concluded that the CAC were correct in determining that the application of the IWGB for recognition by the University of London for collective bargaining in respect of a group of workers not employed by the University but by Cordant Security Ltd was inadmissible.    

We note that in reaching this conclusion the Court determined that the legislation based on which the CAC made its decision was fully compatible with Article 11 of  the European Convention on Human Rights.

The University’s plans for bringing externally contracted services in-house progress to schedule.